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    Oyama CX E8D Version II


    Best Folding Electric Review

    Making of a World Class folding Electric Bike

    Beyond Spec..

    Creating a bike is filled with a variety of complexities that are not readily apparent. It is a blend of a concept, component match and the right manufacturing team, with a tad of luck. In creating our version II it was more than choosing components, it was meeting the creators of most of the key components. The key component to every electric bike is the controller. Think of it as the "brain" of the system. I choose one that was developed by David Oldham, a Silicon Valley guru that developed disc drives for the biggest companies in the world. When sales declined he found that E-bikes seemed to be the next horizon. To keep this short, he created, what I believe is the best controller on the market today. His controller is fully programmable, has onboard diagnostics, and full control over the power curve. The next key component was the hub motor, designed and built by Aikema. It's owner Fish and I have spent a great deal of time together. I've toured his factory, and have seen how is motors here assembled. His products are reliable and powerful.

    Oyama the manufacturer of the e-folder had been creating amazing bikes for 50 years. Known primarily as an OEM company building for many of the major brands globally, their focus is on high quality bikes that deliver a fantastic experience. With 30+ years of folding bike experience, their bikes ride like full size bikes, and details like hinges that require two steps to release, to a geometry that provides an amazing riding experience. Their skill is building frames and assembling bikes also is reflected in how their e-bikes still have clean lines, and ride great, even when the power has been used.


    Hope this brief write-up provides insight into our new bike. It also provides insight into some our our new bikes coming soon!

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    30 years of folder Excellence

    What does farming and tool die making have in common? the birth of Oyama! Read here the story of how Mr. Wang started his business.


    The more you look

    The more you realize this is just not another folding bike. Oyama delivers more value and performance in each an every model. Take a look at the Skyline 1, with an alloy frame, handbrakes, rack, fenders and bell. This bikes is way beyond the competition.

    Or, checkout the Skyline In7B, our belt drive, with a 7 speed internal gears. It too crushes the competition!!


    Cool tech is not the only thing that drives innovation. Knowing how to create a folding bike that has the right geometry so it can go up hill and the front wheel stays on the ground, or making your handlebar upright with a single CNC machined stock so it is one piece? Even the hinge design makes it feel stable and secure.

  • A Closer look- oyama

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    Oyama CX E8D


    We are so very proud to introduce our first folding eBike. I've been designing and selling folders for over a decade. What makes this special is that it is so well constructed and has a powerful Aikema motor, a well designed battery by DLG, and has a USB to power your phone when you realize it is almost out. In a word, this is SOLID

    Skyline In7B


    Have you ever wanted a bike to be easy? I mean really easy? No chain to worry about, no gears to fuss with? Just get on and ride, and oh, by the way it folds!


    CX 16D

    Go Pound some pavement!

    I had the idea of asking our 80 something female friend to put on a helmet, and have a picture saying "Hitting the Pavement "

    The CX 16D is the first folding pavement bike, and it is done right. Yes, the D stands for disc brakes

    Look above, it's Matte Red and also Green

    Skyline 1

    Easy to ride single speed

    Our Skyline 1 was designed with two key goals in mind. Provide a lighter better single speed and to make it affordable. It's packed with value with rear rack, fenders, bell and even a kickstand

    Skyline 7

    It's a beauty

    No worries about getting chips in your paint, or leaving it out. The rust proof chain will keep on keeping on. The brushed aluminum looks great, and you till get all the value in the 1 but with 7 speeds, and upgrades

    CX 9

    It rides like a full size bike!

    Ever since I have been selling folders, I've known not everyone wants small wheels for a number of reasons. I added this to provide the feel of a regular bike but with the compactness of a folder. Complete with top quality tires and components

    CX E8D II

    WOW Experience

    I'm a techie and passionate about cycling, with a side love for folders. The CX E8D II came about to improve on what we already had. A great performing, well priced E-folder. The version II offers more power (350W), a state of the art controller, torque sensor, and UI display with diagnostics, hydraulic brakes, and a 200 lumens light.

  • snap shot of our product mix

    We sell only premium product that we have used and tested

    Uniche Multi Tool

    The one do it all kind of tool

    Multi faceted multi-tool with all the common allen, flat head and torx. Silent and effective with the ability to leverage 118 inch pounds of torque!

    I've assembled items like my stand up desk and even used to to loosen bolts on a roof top trailer. Keep it in your desk, car, bike. everywhere.

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