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A New e-folder is born

daring to be different

Some people have amazing talent drawing, others in design. Now I'm not making claim that I have any amazing talent, but I do love to create. When I was much younger and had access to sheets of plywood, hammer and nails I crafted a fort. First in my minds eye, then I put it to the real test, I built it.

These days I'm driven by my passion for cycling and the techie with-in me. Having a terrific partner in Oyama, I have the support of an amazing team, I just need to know what components I want, and let the engineers loose.

The success of our current e-folder and visits to many shops pushed me to develop another e-folder, and it could not just be another one with more of the same "stuff" we have all seen. In my minds eye, I saw a bike that first had to look cool, but I am big one for function over form. It had to perform like a gazelle, smooth and quite.

In a short couple of weeks, I'll be in the factory and can describe exactly how it performs, stay tuned!

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